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May 20th, 2019

Immediate Immersion Cyber Security Course

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Course Module

Cyber Fundamentals / Immediate Immersion.............................................................May 20th - 3 Weeks

Cyber Defense and Exploitation.......................................................................................................26 Weeks

Course Dates

The early 2019 start dates for the Cyber Academy are as follows:

13 week course for

13 week course for

Continue on after the basic techniques section of the course to become a

Cyber Security Professional with Rutgers Cyber Academy.

Section 2: 

Cyber Academy Defense

Section 3: 

Cyber Academy Reverse Engineering and Exploitation



Development of the Rutgers Cyber Security Certificate program was funded by the Department of Defense under agreement number C5-16-0023, issued by the Consortium for Command, Control, Communications and Computer Technologies. 

Offered to US Citizens and Green Card holders only and limited to the first 25 candidates.

Students will gain a broad foundation of offensive and defensive cyber operations skills. A subset of major categories of topics covered and skills acquired includes: open source intelligence gathering, disk and memory forensics, network traffic analysis, exploiting websites, servers, and application software, reverse engineering, evading antivirus and intrusion detection systems, and social engineering and spearphishing.

This comprehensive Cyber Security training program is a 26-week learning experience.

Section 2:

Cyber Academy Defense

Section 3:

Cyber Academy Reverse Engineering & Exploitation

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A certificate in Cyber Security Defense would qualify candidates for positions such as:

  • Entry Level Security Analysts
  • Digital Forensics 
  • Incident Response 

A certificate in Cyber Security Reverse Engineering & Exploitation would qualify candidates for positions such as:

  • Entry Level Penetration Testing
  • Malware Analysts

Ask your enrollment advisor how you can receive $500 off your tuition!

“I am truly enjoying this program, the kind of exposure and learning I am getting is addicting. I am so happy that I made the decision to join this program to enhance my skills.”

- Rutgers Cyber Academy Student

Hear what our students have to say:

“Wendy is a wonderful mentor and she knows how to guide students with just little hints. She is always available and responds to any query immediately. She does a very good job in keeping everyone motivated in whatever they are doing.”

- Rutgers Cyber Academy Student

“I believe this real-time exposure of learning that I am getting through Rutgers Cyber Academy is far more advanced than some of those other certifications.”

- Rutgers Cyber Academy Student

Interested, but need some support? Rutgers is offering financing through the Rutgers Federal Credit Union.

Our Program is Different

This program will leave you with a professional Cyber Operations and Information Security portfolio. It was designed to take students from zero to sixty where Cyber Security is concerned. The only pre-requisites are a willingness to learn and a love of solving complex puzzles. We are looking for students that are tenacious in their pursuit of solving complex problems. 

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