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Cyber Security

Developed with the US Department of Defense

Take the Career Assessment Test -$35.00- to determine if the Rutgers' Cyber Security program is right for you!

Apply today, only 75 applicants will be accepted for the course starting May 21st, 2018

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This comprehensive Cyber Security training program is a 26-week learning experience.

Offered to US Citizens and Green Card holders only and limited to the first 75 candidates.

Development of the Rutgers Cyber Security Certificate program was funded by the Department of Defense under agreement number C5-16-0023, issued by the Consortium for Command, Control, Communications and Computer Technologies. 

Students will gain a broad foundation of offensive and defensive cyber operations skills. A subset of major categories of topics covered and skills acquired includes: open source intelligence gathering, disk and memory forensics, network traffic analysis, exploiting websites, servers, and application software, reverse engineering, evading antivirus and intrusion detection systems, and social engineering and spearphishing.

Prospective students are required to take an online Career Assessment and have a personal interview to be admitted to the course. The fee for the Career Assessment is $35 dollars and will be refunded should you not be accepted. Career Assessments and interviews are evaluated by the course faculty prior to acceptance into the course. 

Take your 

Career Assessment

Test by May 14th to enroll!

The Career Assessment test is $35.00 for a limited time!

- Stephen Carter, Director of RIE

"In keeping with Rutgers’ Center for Innovation Education mission of providing cutting edge, high demand employment curriculum, we are pleased to offer this challenging and stimulating Cyber Security course that will prepare graduates to tackle the complex challenge of protecting and securing computer networks."

Hear what the Director of RIE at Rutgers University has to say:

Interested, but need some support? Rutgers is offering financing through the Rutgers Federal Credit Union.

Our Program is Different

This program will leave you with a professional Cyber Operations and Information Security portfolio. It was designed to take students from zero to sixty where Cyber Security is concerned. The only pre-requisites are a willingness to learn and a love of solving complex puzzles. We are looking for students that are tenacious in their pursuit of solving complex problems. 

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